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This time last year, we would have already had our “normal” Pre-MATHCOUNTS committee meeting. However, due to the unprecedented events this year, there have been significant changes to this year’s competition. I have decided to not make committee members take time out of their day for a meeting but provide everyone with a simple email detailing the changes. 

 In our current world of COVID-19, MATHCOUNTS has decided to make tests online for this year’s competition. The test will take place online Feb. 5 at 1PM ET through Feb. 6 at 1:00PM ET. Each school can have up to 15 students participate and each student in the competition will be competing individually. The top scoring student from each school and the top 20% from each chapter advance to the 2021 Chapter Invitational, taking place on Feb. 25 at 7PM ET. 56 top students from the Chapter Invitational will then advance to the 2021 State Competition, taking place online March 25 at 7PM ET. The top individuals from each state receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2021 MATHCOUNTS National Competition which takes place May 8-11 in Washington DC.

 As you can see, this year’s online test will eliminate the need for having a venue/volunteers/food/drinks/tshirts/goodies/trophies, etc. as we’ve had in the past. The budget has been adjusted accordingly for TSPE’s 2020-2021 fiscal year based on the changes.

 So, what does this mean? While we won’t have the stress and a booked Saturday in the month of February, we can still engage in promoting the competition and encouraging schools to participate. I have reached out to all of last year’s coaches to let them know that the competition is still taking place this year, but in a different format.

 If you would like to help in assisting me reach out to schools/teachers, please let me know as I compiled a list of contacts for schools that fall within the Greater Houston Chapter last year prior to the 2020 competition.

 For better clarity, I have attached resources provided by the MATHCOUNTS organization that give a bit more detail in regard to the competition and a summary of the 2020-2021 coordinator role.

MATHCOUNTS 2021 Summary

MATHCOUNTS Coordinator Role 2021


 Gerardo Mata, P.E. (click to email)


Future City:
Date: Pending
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